Whitstable South Quay replacement (2016)

This was a 20 week project partly funded by the Environment Agency to replace the section of sheet piles on the south quay which had reached the end of their design life.  The replacement works required the installation of a new 40m piled anchor beam 12m from the quay edge, 64mm rods which tied the sheet piles and anchor beam together, a new concrete slab surface and an asphalt surface behind.  The Gorrell tank outfall was also extended through the new section.

If this works was not undertaken the flood risk to Whitstable, a low lying town behind the quayside, would have been increased as the quay wall was at risk of failure.  The scheme ensured the protection to 2,430 residential and 460 commercial properties. 1,980 of these could have been written off as they would have been considered to be permanently flooded (flooded greater than once every three years).