Hastings coastal defence works (2008)

In 2008 urgent works were required to prevent the flooding of Hastings town. The Hastings Beach Management Plan, produced by the Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme, stated that the area of greatest concern is that just east of the Pier, where beach levels are still critically low. They were below the upper threshold of the “Action” zone, thus reducing defence standards and exposing the seawall to direct wave attack. The coastal strategy set out proposed beach crest levels for 100 year standard of service. These levels are 2-3m above the current existing beach crest in the Castle Rocks area.

The works covered 2km and three specific locations. This included;

  • Recycling of 30,000 tonnes of shingle to fill the depleted beach at White Rock/Carlisle Parade;
  • Protection to Harbour Arm groyne through construction of a new rock groyne using 3-6t limestone armour rock.
  • Refurbishment to Rock-a-Nore terminal groyne by concrete refacing of the terminal groyne and improvement work to three timber groynes.
Prior to the Works, the frontage was susceptible to overtopping.
After: The wooden extensions of the groynes and the new rock groyne.