Hastings coast protection works (2016)

In Hastings, particularly low beach levels at the intersection of Carlisle Parade and White Rock were a constant problem, risking undermining of the sea wall and requiring regular beach recycling.

Coast protection works were undertaken along this frontage to limit shingle migration and ensure the Carlisle Parade underground car park and properties were not in danger of flooding or erosion.

The works comprised the following:

  • One new rock groyne 60m in length
  • A further existing rock groyne was raised to be of similar profile to the new groyne.
  • Recycled beach material totalling 15,000m³ was placed, extracted from the large existing beach to the west of the Harbour Arm.
  • A new set of timber access steps was constructed leading from the promenade to the beach between the rock groynes.

The rock used was 3-6 tonne granite armour laid on a 300mm thick bedding layer on a heavy duty geotextile.