Fairlight Cove rock revetment stage II

Following on from the construction of the rock revetment at Sea Road in 1990, several years later in 2008, a second rock bund was created in the west (Rockmead Road rock bund). The bund is 275m long running from opposite the boundary between nos 8 and 10 Rockmead Road in the south west to “Foo Shan” where Rockmead Road turns north in the north east.

The design was for a 1 in 50 year standard of protection with rock armour stability and critical wave overtopping designed for the 1:50 return period storm of 3.2m significant wave height and 8.3 second period. The construction of the toe berm consisted of 10-700kg core rock and two layers of 4-6 tonne armour rock with crest level of +6.0m OD and slope of 1 in 3 to the foreshore without a crest berm and 1 in 1.5 backslope. It is understood that the rock was limestone imported from Boulogne in France.

An inspection was carried out of the rock structure prior to the most recent stage in 2016 and confirmed that the bund was performing well and had no obvious structural defects. There were few rocks that have moved or been displaced and no sign of any significant settlement. Some rounding of rocks was found but this was not considered to be detrimental to the overall efficiency.