Coldharbour outfall extension (2018)

The Coldharbour Outfall is located on the Northern Sea Wall on the north Kent coast, between Reculver and Birchington.

The outfall was regularly being blocked by shingle moving along the beach, particularly in winter. When the outfall was blocked, the Stour operations team needed to remove the shingle as soon as possible to allow the River Wantsum to discharge. The outfall was extended seaward by 15m to prevent further blockage.

The works comprised the following:

  • Installation of steel sheet piling perimeter cut-off for insitu concrete base
  • Extending the existing Coldharbour Outfall by placing 10no. precast concrete box culvert units on an insitu concrete base
  • Reposition the existing 3-6ft rock armour on site and place surplus rock along the sides of the extended outfall
  • Installation of a new trashscreen at the end of the new outfall and relocation of existing marker beacon
  • Beach regrading of the foreshore, recycling material to the existing beach and regrading